Stardust Mystery for Family Fun and Learning

Share quality entertainment time with your child or grandchild while the whole family learns one of the most amazing stories discovered about who we are.

“We are made of STARDUST, created in the cataclysmic death of stars, that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the last T-Rex.”

It is astonishing that each of us has over 5000 trillion carbon atoms that were once in the body of just one T-Rex and 300 trillion that were once in Albert Einstein. This story can be discovered in multi-player video games, science videos, illustrated story books, and Expert AvatarTM personal tutors. You might improve your cognition and reaction times too.

Mission KT: 4-Player Pack Family Adventure Video Game


Play Mission KT with up to 3 other family or friend players. Visit the world of dinosaurs to find out how many stardust carbon atoms you have inherited from the last T-Rex and a menagerie of creatures that lived 66 million years ago.

Your Captain’s Game allows you to join up to 3 other players from an unlimited number who have downloaded the free crew game.

Play Building The Universe to follow the steps that produced our Universe following the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

Part 1 (available soon) starts with the quarks produced in the first microsecond after the Big Bang. Players assemble protons and neutrons from the quarks, and then add electrons and the electromagnetic force to make the first atoms.

Subsequent Parts involve the assembly of stars, galaxies, planets, comets, asteroids, and finally our Solar System with a habitable Planet Earth.


See the Science Videos on the Stardust Mystery YouTube Channel, or that Pal the robot can show you in the Mission KT game. Learn about the cosmic cataclysms that created all the atoms in the periodic table that are the building blocks for Planet Earth and all life upon it. Learn how those atoms have incredibly small sizes and stupendously high numbers as they are systematically arranged in living and non-living things. Learn about how the dinosaurs became extinct. These videos are available now:

  • How Big are My Atoms?
  • What are atoms?
  • What are atoms made of?
  • What Killed the Land Dinosaurs?
  • How do Dinosaurs Share Carbon Atoms?
  • How did Einstein get Dinosaur Carbon Atoms


Illustrated Book

The Stardust Mystery illustrated book is a companion to The Stardust Mystery video games. It follows the adventures of cousins Lizzy, Milo, VC, and Neddy as they unravel the Stardust Mystery through the history of the Earth and the Universe. Traveling in the Cosmic Egg, a time, space, and size-change travel ship, they must figure out how everyone alive is made of the same stardust that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the Last T-Rex. They must find out what stardust is and how, when, and where it was created.


Our Albert Einstein Expert Avatar can appear on your computer or mobile device screen. Speak or type a question, and he will verbally answer. Find out about his life as a child and an adult, his science, and his opinions on important topics.