Stardust Mystery for Education


Our aim is to provide resources for STEM education that present science through a compelling transmedia story. The Stardust Mystery is our story. Its theme is: “we are made of STARDUST that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the last T-Rex.” And this is what students can discover in video games, science videos, illustrated story books, and Expert AvatarTM personal tutors.

  • The STARDUST (atoms) that make up their own bodies was created in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago and in subsequent star explosions during the evolution of the universe
  • Those cosmic cataclysms created all the atoms in the periodic table that are the building blocks for Planet Earth and all life upon it
  • Those atoms have incredibly small sizes and stupendously high numbers as they are systematically arranged in living and non-living things
  • Those atoms have been shared during the history of Planet Earth. It is astonishing that each of us has over 5000 trillion carbon atoms that were once in the body of just once T-Rex and 300 trillion that were once in Albert Einstein
  • The story is aligned with many of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for late elementary and middle school


Links to play the STARDUST MYSTERY science video appear here and on our Stardust Mystery Youtube Channel.

  • “How did Albert Einstein get dinosaur atoms?” describes how carbon dioxide exhaled by a dinosaur is absorbed by a tree millions of years later that produces an apple that is eaten by Einstein.
  • Other videos completed or in production describe: the size and number of atoms in our bodies; the cataclysmic cosmic events in which those atoms were created; the arrangement of atoms in material; atom structure; and the Carbon Cycle.
  • Information on dinosaurs and the KT extinction event are also the subject of videos.


The EXPERT AVATARTM educational system provides well-crafted, age-appropriate verbal answers to a user’s spoken or typed questions. The artificial intelligence supported EXPERT AVATARTM uses pre-scripted responses to anticipated questions to help users achieve educational goals. A Learning Manager for this patented technology provides guidance and assessment to enhance the learning experience. The EXPERT AVATAR system can be customized to any particular field of study, either by authoring tools or as a custom request.

To learn about the science, life, and opinions of Albert Einstein click here to access the Einstein Expert AvatarTM and verbally ask your questions.

Other Planned Expert Avatars include: Isaac Newton, Henrietta Leavitt, Georges Lemaitre, Galileo Galilei, John Dalton, Rosalind Franklin, and Edward Hubble.

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In Mission KT, four crew member of the Cosmic Egg, a Time, Space, and size-change travel ship, embark on a mission to find out if they really have inherited Stardust atoms from the last T-Rex and other living things on earth 65 million years ago. There are in-game science videos.

The crew members. each with special tools and capabilities, cooperate on quests in a challenging landscape (mountains, beaches, ocean, volcano, waterfall, river) with many dinosaurs, other animals, sea life, and plants. In their adventure on the ancient Earth, they explore the land, finding, photographing, making clones, and identifying dinosaurs and other animals. They use their tools to perform and compare analyses of chemical composition, temperature, and density of the objects in the world. They also determine the number of carbon atoms they inherited from each creature.

They perform their tasks before an approaching asteroid hits the Earth, then escapee in the Cosmic Egg and observe the calamity from a safe distance. They return one year later to determine what life has survived the impact.

Building the Universe is a time travel and building game that starts at the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe as we understand it. The player arrives in the Cosmic Egg, a ship capable of traveling through time anywhere in the universe, and even altering its scale to shrink below the size of an atom. or larger than the stars. The objective is to build the universe starting from the first fundamental particles and ending with a Solar System and habitable Planet Earth.

In Part 1 of Building the Universe (available Winter 2020), players collect quarks that formed in the first microsecond of the Big Bang. Then they assemble them to create protons and neutrons, and then add electrons and the electromagnetic force to make the first atoms.

The game continues in Parts 2: Cosmic Dawn (planned) with the assembly of gas stars and galaxies. To build solid objects, their Universe must experience the supernovas that produce heavier atoms at the end of the life of the first generation stars. The third part of the game includes the assembly of second generation metal-rich stars, asteroids, comets, and planets. The heaviest atoms are produced with the supernovas of the second generation stars and neutron star collisions. The game concludes with the building of the Solar System and a habitable Planet Earth.


THE STARDUST MYSTERY book (available Summer 2020): The Stardust Mystery illustrated book is a companion to The Stardust Mystery video games. It follows the adventures of cousins Lizzy, Milo, VC, and Neddy as they unravel the Stardust Mystery through the history of the Earth and the Universe. Traveling in the Cosmic Egg, time, space, and size-change travel ship, they must figure out how everyone alive contains some of he STARDUST that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the Last T-Rex. They must find out what STARDUST is, and how, when, and where it was created.