The Stardust Mystery book is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon

The Stardust Mystery: Illustrated Science Adventure Book

Review by Allie for Goodread

“This book was great! I have discussed this with my students, and we are reading it together. They are loving the information presented in a fun and relatable way. They love seeing the different families that work together to complete a common goal. I love that it uses scientific concepts and principles that we are learning in the classroom. The authors do a great job of presenting the information in ways that provide the students with the content knowledge they need. As a middle school teacher, this is a great resource for my STEM classroom. We are currently working on the project portion that is provided for teachers. My students are enjoying the website and all that it entails. As a Science teacher, I recommend this book for all science teachers! As a parent, my own children are enjoying the story and learning things they have not learned in school yet!”

Review by Susan Sewell For Readers’ Favorite

“The Stardust Mystery by Peter Solomon is a fabulous book that engages the reader while they learn. It is a fantastic tool that teaches children about the universe. The story is an exciting adventure where the characters encounter dinosaurs, famous scientists, and explore multiple aspects of science. Enhanced with striking illustrations, it is a captivating and educational experience that exposes students to the exciting elements of the universe. Part of the illustrations, characters, and storylines originate from two exciting video games, MissionKT and Building the Universe. Explanations, theories, footnotes, and other additions appear throughout the book to encourage the young reader to think and explore. This book is an extraordinary resource that parents and teachers will want to have in their children’s libraries.”

The Stardust Mystery: Illustrated Science Adventure Book

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Time-Travel Science Adventure

The Stardust Mystery illustrated book received a FIVE STAR REVIEW from Readers’ Favorite and the Best STEM E-Book award from Purple Dragonfly. The book is a companion to the MissionKT video game. It follows the adventures of cousins Lizzy, Milo, VC and Neddy as they unravel the Stardust Mystery. Their adventures take them across time during the evolution of the Universe and the history of Planet Earth in the Cosmic Egg time, space and size-change travel ship. They must figure out how everyone alive is made of the same stardust that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the Last T-Rex. They must find out what stardust is and how, when and where it was created.

As the Cosmic Kids team, the cousins enter The Science and The Future Contest, held by the mysterious Dr. Q. The winners will be taken on a trip around the moon! What could be a better gift for the grandfather they love, a former NASA astronaut?

Along the way, they visit Einstein, dinosaurs, and even the Big Bang. To win, they’ll have to use their brains to answer the many science questions, but they’ll also have to use their hearts to come together to solve the problems of family.

The Mystery is presented in a poem:

“I was born in a place that is far, far away.
At a time long ago, but I am now here to stay.
Albert Einstein’s body was once my home.
I am now part of you, but I could always roam.
Some call me Stardust because of my history
It will all be clear when you solve the mystery.
Who am I, and what is my story
Write me a rhyme to tell of my glory”

The Stardust Mystery book is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon