Building The Universe

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In BUILDING THE UNIVERSE: PART 1, players use the tools available in their ship to replicate the processes that occurred following the Big Bang. First they must teleport outside the ship to capture the tiny quark particles produced in the first microsecond of time. Returning inside, they combine them in the ship’s assembly sphere to form protons and neutrons. Then, they add electrons and the electromagnet force to build the first atoms: hydrogen, helium, and lithium. By building atoms, they learn what it is that makes different atoms unique.



About The Game

Building the Universe is a time travel and building game that starts at the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe as we understand it. The player arrives in the Cosmic Egg, a ship capable of traveling through time anywhere in the universe, and even altering its scale to shrink below the size of an atom or larger than the stars. The objective is to build the universe starting from the first fundamental particles and ending with a Solar System and habitable Planet Earth.

The Dawn Of Time

The game continues with the assembly of gas stars and galaxies. To build solid objects, their Universe must experience the supernovas the produce the heavier atoms at the end of the life of the first generation stars. Then players can assemble the second generation metal-rich stars, asteroids, comets, and planets. Supernovas of metal-rich stars and neutron star pair mergers produce the heaviest atoms in the Universe. The game concludes with the building of the Solar System and a habitable Plant Earth.