Building The Universe

Using the tools available in their ship, players will replicate the same processes that occurred following the Big Bang. You’ll teleport outside the ship to capture tiny particles, combine smaller particles to form larger ones, and learn what it is that makes different atoms unique.

About The Game

The Beginning of Time is a fun-filled, puzzle-solving, free game that starts by showing the player the Big Bang and the start of the universe as we understand it. Using the smallest particles that exist, it is your goal to use those pieces to make the first atoms that will be used to light first-generation stars. Players will get to experience the early universe as it really existed.

Getting Started

BUILDING THE UNIVERSE is a series of games aimed at showing you how the universe first formed, but being the ones to build it. You pilot a ship known as the Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg is a ship capable of traveling anywhere in the universe, moving through time, and even altering its scale to shrink below the size of an atom or larger than the biggest star ever created.

Part 1 of the game: The Beginning of Time starts with a bang; The Bang; The Big Bang that started the universe as we know it. Players will get a chance to go back and briefly view this event before working to recreate the processes that formed the first atoms in the universe.

In future sections of BUILDING THE UNIVERSE, players will get to create stars and planets, avoid black holes, and protect our solar system as it forms.