Find out how you inherited STARDUST from a T-rex!

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Players learn about the size and number of atoms in their body, and how their atoms have been recycled and inherited from plants and animals that lived before them. They also learn how objects are made of different combinations of atoms that result in different object properties.

There are many How-To tutorials and science videos in the game that you can view by using your information tool pointed at Pal the robot.

Mission KT follows the four-member CREW of the Cosmic Egg (time, space, and size-change travel ship) as they visit the dinosaur extinction era to find out how much STARDUST (atoms) they inherited from the Last T-Rex. They are in the Cosmic Egg when the killer asteroid hits the earth and they return to Earth to learn why the land dinosaurs died and why some species survived.

Exploring the world of dinosaurs and completing quests is fun, while learning about one of the most amazing science stories ever discovered: We are made of Stardust, formed in the explosive death of stars, that were once in the body of Albert Einstein and the last T-Rex. It is the story of the atoms that make up our bodies and everything around us. They were created in cataclysmic events during the evolution of the universe and have been shared by the animals and plants that live with us and those that lived before us.