I am Svetlana Lorapova. I am older (by one minute) than my identical twin sister Natasha. Four years ago, I moved to the United States with my parents from Russia. We moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. I am very good in science, and Natasha along with my younger sister and brother (who are also twins) entered the Science and The Future contest when we were in middle school. That is where we met the Space Cadet team, and Jackson and Johari. Neddy is mean, because she imitates my accent. I am trying to learn English and speak like an American. But Neddy keeps reminding me that I am not there yet. Milo likes me and I like him too. But Natasha likes playing tricks on him. The other day when he came to visit me in Brooklyn, Natasha had him convinced that she was me for about 10 minutes. She even got him to kiss her.

I like playing video games and soccer, and in school I like science and history. I love American rock music. I don’t like the Russian gangs in Brooklyn, and I hope we can move to Connecticut next year.