Richie, Artist

My name is Richie. I used tease Neddy all the time in school. I actually really liked her, and only teased her because she didn’t react at all, so, I thought it didn’t bother her. Then one day, I was calling her Space Cadet and Spacey and other mean names, and Neddy’s sister Lizzy saw what was going on and told me to stop. I told her to mind her own business and then shoved her. That was a bad thing for me to do because Lizzy is a second degree black belt in mixed martial arts. She took me down real hard with a double flying kick. Anyway, I had to apologize to Neddy in Dr. Evil’s Office (our principal). I admitted that I thought Neddy was the coolest girl in our grade. Now we’re friends and I go on some of the Space Cadet time-travel adventures.

Creating art is my thing. I like to draw freehand illustrations, but recently, I started doing digital art. The 3-D Avatars I’ve create are really cool.