Kaito, Robotics

My name is Kaito. My parents came to California from Osaka, Japan in 1995. I was born with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) causing me to lose the use of my legs. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, it motivated me to do great things. Three years ago, I got really into computer technology and developed my own encryption software. Last year, I decided to use my technology skills to help others, so I sold the encryption software and started a biotech company called Transcendtec, that helps people with physical disabilities. I partnered with a brilliant kid named Johari who was in my class. For our first project, we designed the neuroelectric-stimulation exo-suit that allows its wearer to experience full mobility. I was the first user, and with it, I can walk and run like a regular kid. Johari and I are now really close friends.

Jackson and Johari wanted me to be on the Caltech team for the Science and the Future Contest, but you had to be all related, like cousins, so I couldn’t do it. I love: Art, Music, Cowboy movies, and extreme sports. I don’t like stuck up people or bullies.