John, Attorney (Paleontology Enthusiast)

I am John Wadsworth. My profession is patent attorney, but my real passion is my hobby devoted to Paleontology, which is the study of fossils. I spend my summers with my wife fossil hunting, since it is her hobby too. We are both fascinated with the KT extinction event that killed all the land dinosaurs 66 million years ago. So, we travel all around the world to find the Gubbio layer, which is the thin layer of rock that was produced by the debris from an asteroid impact. The layer is all over the Earth, and there are lots of places where it can be studied. We look for fossils of plants and animals below the layer that were alive before the extinction and those above the layer which survived the extinction. There are lots of dinosaur fossils below the layer and none above. That is the major evidence that it was an asteroid impact that killed them.

I have a BS from Becker College and a degree from Harvard Law School. I know Grandpa and the kids, because I was the attorney that helped them create the patent on their Expert Avatar invention.