Johari, Guardian and Navigator

My name is Johari. My mom picked out my name. It means Jewel in the Swahili language. I am Jackson’s twin sister. They call Jackson the boy genius, so it’s not such an easy position to be in. Jackson thinks he knows everything, but he’s usually right, and not so bad as brother’s go. I didn’t skip grades, so I just finished middle school in California. I want to be a doctor. My friend Kaito asked me to be a partner in his company. We created robotic legs for disabled people. Kaito was the first user and now, he can walk around and even run! We had a great time with the Space Cadet gang competing in the Science and the Future Contest.

I get along with the girls really well, but Milo is a little stuck on himself. I like hiking and canoeing. I can run a mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I love school and reading novels. I don’t like cliques and mean people. I am the Guardian and Navigator for the Caltech team.