Grandpa, Coach

Hi, all you gamers, call me Grandpa. I am the grandfather of Milo, Lizzy, Neddy, and VC. They chose me for the coach of their Space Cadet Team for the Science and The Future contest. I also helped them with the technical stuff when they wrote The Stardust Mystery book. I am the science guy, with a Ph.D. in physics and a year in the NASA Astronaut program in 1972. After NASA, I became science teacher at the King Philip Middle School. But an unfortunate incident with a watermelon and an experiment about gravity was my undoing and I had to resign. Now I do computer programming and video game design.

The Race to The Big Bang and Building the Universe games are my babies, and I appear in the games to provide guidance and answer questions. I love playing the games and love it even more when my children and grandchildren play with me.