Visit the world of the dinosaurs to find
your trail of Stardust in Mission KT,
the first episode of the Stardust Mystery game series.

Play With friends

Join up to 3 friends to explore exciting new worlds as the crew of a time and space travel ship, the Cosmic Egg.

Move through Time

Travel back in time to follow the trail of Stardust from the Big Bang, to the Dinosaurs, to Albert Einstein, and finally to you.


Adventure using your PC or Mac to visit the land of dinosaurs and leave before the asteroid hits.


Find the connection between the dinosaurs, stardust, and you.

Time Travel,
Follow Your Stardust

Pieces of you were formed in the same Big Bang that created our Universe. More pieces were created in awesome star explosions and star collisions as the universe evolved. These pieces are your atoms, your Stardust. Stardust combined to form our planet Earth and Stardust has been shared by plants and animals throughout Earth’s history.

Play Mission KT to find your Stardust in the dinosaurs that inhabit the prehistoric world of mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Use futuristic gadgets to find, analyze, time freeze, clone, and photograph the dinosaurs, mammals, and sea creatures that live there. Experience the extinction event in which some of them were lost forever.

Travel through time and space in Building the Universe to construct a complete universe. Starting with the Big Bang, assemble atoms, stars, planets, and galaxies to create the fantastic explosions in which your Stardust was formed. Have fun building all the pieces to create a habitable planet Earth.

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The Crew!

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Mission KT: Trailer
Building the Universe: Trailer

The Stardust Mystery game is funded in part by grants from The National Science Foundation (grant number #1738291)

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