Expert Avatars® are a new technology, developed and patented by TheBeamer team, for helping to teach in an exciting new way.  Just by talking with the character on your screen, you can find answers to your questions about the game.  They are AI made easy – but – they can do so much more!

Expert Avatars® aren’t limited to being used with children.  For example, take a look at the image here of an Emergency Room. In this instance, we have two Expert Avatars® working together to help teach medical students how they might talk with a patient to diagnose their problems.  One Expert Avatar® is the patient, in this case, the other is an ER doctor that has tools and can perform procedures to give feedback to help with their diagnosis.

For education, we can have Expert Avatars® that take on the form of famous historical figures (like Einstein or Galileo).  Students can verbally ask the Expert Avatar® questions about their history and specific field of interest, and the Expert Avatar® will respond with age-appropriate, curated answers.  The Expert Avatar® can even help guide the student to related topics in order to help expand the conversation and broaden the learning experience!

Teachers will also be able to produce and curate new Expert Avatars®, to help with additional subjects of interest to them.

Again, feedback can be provided to the educator involved with this game as to how effective the students were in their line of questioning, coming to a diagnosis, and more!

The best part of Expert Avatars® is that they are easy to create, flexible in how they can be used (via game engine or even on a web page), and provide useful feedback to their users and creators.  Contact us now to see how we can help you create an Expert Avatar® to help with your AI needs!